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VIAT Consulting understands that in order to extend the influence of these important services, a nation-wide community of support and cooperation needs to be maintained.  In an effort to demonstrate our commitment to this important public safety initiative, VIAT Consulting will donate 10% of all earnings to charitable organizations, which are also committed to promoting the safety of our students.  These charities have been selected by VIAT because they exhibit the drive and desire to end the current country-wide epidemic of violent intruder crises.  


Please click the below logos to visit the websites of charitable organizations which were founded as a result of violent intruder tragedies. Feel free to research the organizations and, at the time of services rendered by VIAT Consulting, the consultant/presenter will ask to which charity you would like VIAT Consulting to donate 10% of your payment.  Of course, no services need to be rendered from VIAT Consulting if you would like to donate to these charities on you own.


Thank you for your commitment to providing a safe environment for your school, business, etc., and for our country.


VIAT Consulting, LLC.

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