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We at VIAT Consulting have worked in a variety of industries varying from educational facilities to corporations to recreational facilities. Whether for large or small groups, we present survival options that can be used anywhere, by anyone.

Our workshops vary in length and can be customized to suit your employees, staff members or students.  Workshops are ideal for schools.



We have developed sensory based demonstrations that immerse the attendees in our presentation to better mentally prepare them to respond to an active shooter. Demonstrations can be coupled with presentations for a more complete training experience. Participants will walk away with skills that can be immediately integrated into their every day routines.





All of our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and concerns.

​Our presentations provide survival options that are practical, understandable and memorable. The options provided can be applied anywhere an active shooter or active threat might be encountered. VIAT Consulting presentations are informative, reassuring and empowering, and are tailored according to the needs of your specific audience.  We are eager to help prepare you today for a safer tomorrow.

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